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6x6 conversion kit price

Here we list the various companies which do convert vehicles into 6-wheel vehicles, using a 6x6 or 6x4 drive formula. Some companies are no longer in business, but we still list these companies to provide an archive of excising conversions. Their first 6x6 conversion dates back to Over the years, the company did convert vehicles from various manufacturers.

The company sold some vehicles in the Middle East, including 6x6 vehicles for falconry. These hunting vehicles have an open body and can be based on various chassis.

More background information on the technology behind the conversion can be found here. The company does use the technology from 6x6 Australia for its conversions. Read more. Its core business is upgrading 4x4 vehicles to make them perform better off-road.

At the top of the range, Arctic Trucks has vehicles on inch tyres. Designed to drive on the large snowfields in Iceland. Over the years Arctic Trucks did build some Toyota Hilux 6x6 conversions. At least 8 Hilux 6x6 vehicles are in use on bases in Antarctica. Conversion: Toyota 70 and series. Bruiser Conversions offers various modifications for Jeeps.

There main business are engine swaps LS, Hemmi and diesel. The Land Cruiser series 6x4 and 6x6 conversions by Bullant Engineering do have custom made rear axles and a coil spring suspension with a load sharing mechanism. Air suspension is an option. The company does offer 6x6 conversions for the Ford F and F The company differential engineering offers replacement axles for Pickup trucks and light off-road vehicles.

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These axles can be used in a tandem configuration, thanks to a pass-through in the differential of the first rear axle. The company offers various services.

6x6 conversion kit price

It can restore, modify or convert a Land Rover Defender. Other vehicles started life as a Land Rover 4x4, which converted Foley into 6x4 or 6x6 versions.We can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Additional services are also available including full suspension kit, long range tanks, wheel and tyre packages, winches, bullbars and more.

If your wagon requires, we can also arrange the dual cab conversion. Give us a call to discuss what you require. This product is currently offered in Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series and Series.

It includes a new rear diff housing that track corrects the rear tyres to the front, chromoly axles, new rear exhaust, and swaybar. The diff housing is strengthened and allows a GVM of up to 3. Factory diff centre is maintained. The cradle that includes the new shock towers can be custom powder coated to a variety of colours.

If it's a GVM upgrade you want without the coil conversion, this is the option you need. It includes a new upgraded diff housing as above. It also includes new chromoly axles and retains your factory diff centre. This option also track corrects your rear tyres to your front tyres.

This option can also raise your GVM up to 3. They can be used on 2" lifts and are required for 4" lifts. New Land Cruisers have different shaped radius arms. They can be custom powder coated to a variety of colours. We can supply and install a number of items to upgrade the stopping power of your vehicle.

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AEV Shop. Brake system upgrades We can supply and install a number of items to upgrade the stopping power of your vehicle.Automotive enthusiasts of the world tend to frown upon replicas of expensive cars, but we implore you to give this one a sporting chance.

The donor vehicle — or rather vehicles — are a pair of Suzuki Jimny JA11 models from the s. Think Suzuki Samuri with a few differences for the Japanese market, among them a turbocharged three-cylinder good for about 60 horsepower.

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To create the extra axle in back the team basically cannibalized the rear frame on one Jimny and welded it to the other. The pickup-style bed was completely fabricated from scratch, including the roll bar and functioning tail gate. And since the real deal actually has a wood floor in the bed, the students airbrushed their steel floor to look the part. Up front the Suzuki uses a proper Mercedes grille and bumper, though the components had to be scaled down to fit the considerably smaller Suzuki.

Mechanically speaking, the Suzuki is pretty much stock. Brake and fuel systems were modified of course, given the extra length and axle. NATS offers four different courses for students interested in an automotive career, starting with maintenance and going through customization, research, and motorsports.

The school regularly sends custom vehicles to the famous Tokyo Auto Salon show in January, and this AMG recreation certainly stood out in the crowd. Sometimes replicas can be a bit on the cheesy side, but we have nothing but respect for this build. Well done NATS. By : Christopher Smith. More photos. Car Buying Service Get upfront price offers on local inventory.

Search for: New Cars. Used Cars. Sign In or Sign Up.Tired of four-wheelin'? Then you should consider upgrading to a 6x6 for your next off-road adventure.

6x6 conversion kit price

Over the last decade the number of aftermarket companies offering 6-wheel conversions for rugged all-terrain trucks has skyrocketed, with nearly every continent on the planet producing its own 6x6 specialists imagining new and creative ways to add an extra drive axle to the world's most popular rigs.

Wondering which trucks stand out on the 6x6 landscape? We've rounded up the most intriguing options out there, and threw in a little history to demonstrate how long the 6x6 streak has been running through the off-road community. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has long been a favorite among the Beverly Hills set, but even in base form this Magna Steyr assembled box is a legitimate trail warrior thanks to its three locking differentials and respectable ground clearance.

Add two more locking differentials into the equation thanks to a double-diff on the initial rear axleplus a twin-turbo V8 engine tuned by AMG, and the G63 6x6 is an absolute brute. Rocking hp, a central air inflation system for each of its tires, and Ohlin shocks, the Mercedes-AMG thunders over almost any obstacle aside from its own turning radius with 18 inches of ground clearance.

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More so than any other model, when it appeared inthe G63 6x6 was responsible for shifting the six-wheel focus from exploration and overlanding to high speed hot-rodding over huge tracts of desert or savannah. It would go on to inspire models like the next entry on our list, and sell in surprisingly high numbers on both sides of the Atlantic. The Ford Raptor was already one of the biggest and baddest off-road pickups on the market, but that wasn't enough for Hennessey, which used it as the template for its very first 6x6 offering.

Hennessey Goliath 6x6 is a toughened-up Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss

The company is willing to convert any second-generation Raptor platform into this rolling monstrosity. That cylinder engine was also good for a whopping lb-ft of torque, monster numbers for the mids, and the T-Rex also rode on an adjustable air suspension system that presaged the stock setup eventually offered with production versions of the Ram. Not wanting to leave Bowtie fans out of the party, Hennessey ported its VelociRaptor formula over to the Chevrolet Silverado in It's essentially the same package, with big wheels, huge lift, extra drive axle, and a whole whack of off-road gear to go with it.

Power for the Goliath is a little more modest, checking it at horses, which means bounding over dunes and crashing through brush is going to be somewhat more restrained with the Chevrolet than when piloting the Blue Oval six-wheeler. Want a 6x6 pickup, but Jeep is life? There are currently three companies out there that have you covered with monster conversions of the JK Wrangler.

Bruiser Conversions doesn't just add an extra axle and a cargo bed to the four-door Wrangler Unlimited, but it also installs a supercharged LS V8 engine to go with it, along with an astonishingly long list of aftermarket off-road gear.

K6 Industries offers both pickup and 7-passenger versions of the JK, while Wild Boar once provided the extra incentive of a Hellcat supercharged V8 with over hp. The latter was built in partnership with a company called Dakota Customs, which specializes in V8 Jeep conversions.Most people don't like the thought of boxes on top of boxes but the simple addition of a couple of wheels makes the model oh so much better to look at.

No more do I have to endure the verbal assault of memes being tossed around when I deploy my Taurox on the field. Now players see my Taurox and say that's the coolest looking thing ever. Sometimes it's the simple things that are what's best in life and a simple set of wheels is just the best.

It does have a single problem though this can be fixed with a bit of modeling skill. Resin often is not the straigh test thing so there is a bit of prep work. My first set of wheels did get warped by heat and I had a very hard time getting them back in place. As with all things resin they require a bit of prep work to ensure that they deliver the maximum quality.

This is an excellent product. The material is very food quality of casting and highly detailed, with very little flash. The product is easy to use for conversion purposes, and the end result looks so good you'll swear this was how the kit was supposed to look all along. Mold lines came off easy and fit on the model beautifully.

Longhorn 6x6 Wheel Conversion Kit

Turns a dippy looking model into a good looking one. Flash needed to be removed and tried to guess how to orientate the attachments to the original suspension. Got it worked out in the end with minimal fuss. Overall looks good. Much improved over Taurox tracked wheels.

I have done 2 of these conversions plus 1 other half track conversions for my Tempestus Scions battalion. Look amazing, far better than the original plastic tracks from GW. Longhorn 6x6 Wheel Conversion Kit 4.

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Longhorn Transformers Action Figures. Longhorn Action Figures Action Figures. Fantastic conversion kit! Fit great and bought two more right away Mold lines came off easy and fit on the model beautifully. Longhorn conversion Flash needed to be removed and tried to guess how to orientate the attachments to the original suspension. Amazing conversion I have done 2 of these conversions plus 1 other half track conversions for my Tempestus Scions battalion.This company does not exist anymore.

During the years it was in business, it did build 6x6 conversions of various vehicles Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Toyota, ….

De suspension setup did depend on the customer requirements. Some vehicles do have a rear suspension on leaf springs and a central pivoting point load sharingother vehicles do use coil springs of air suspension. The third axle is powered via a second transfer case which is mounted on the second axle, or via a pass-through on the second axle. This vehicle is covered in a number of car magazines. It is built for serious off-road driving and did compete in a number of off-road events.

The engine is a Dodge V10 petrol engine. The rear axles have a coil suspension. The second vehicle build bij USA6x6 is a Jeep 6x6, which has 6-wheel steering. It is also build for off-road competition. Conversion number 3 did also grab a fair share of media attention. It was displayed at the Detroit auto show. More information on the Wikipedia site. Other more low-profile conversions ware based on Ford F-series pickups, Jeeps and even a Toyota 70 series for a customer in the Middle East.

The website link below is a URL at the internet archive. There you can find various versions of the USA6x6 website from tillwhen the company did close its doors. The company starship custom vehicles, does have pictures for vehicles converted by USA6x6 on its website.

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Hummer 6X6 Conversion Kit

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6x6 conversion kit price

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